Teak Flooring at Halter Ranch

Teak Flooring, the grandest of all hardwoods is known for its beauty and durability. Pacific Coast Teak, Inc., has been supplying FSC Teak Flooring to architects, builders and designers around the world with a plantation grown, sustainably harvested, premium quality Teak Flooring for high-end homes, restaurants, hotels and other commercial projects. Our plantations are naturally grown in Central and South America with careful attention to environmental and socially responsible forestry practices. Teak is impervious to insects, has antibacterial properties, does not rot or mold and is anti-slip making it a good choice for such commercial projects as Restaurants. Our clients value us for our involvement from start to finish to ensure the best application for each project.

Pictures are of 5,000 Sq.Ft. Flooring at Halter Ranch Winery – Paso Robles, CA. Rustic Grade Teak to Accent Modern Decor – Chosen for it’s Durability.


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